Prom SALE!

Prom Sale

We’re having a PROM SALE!!!

We have prom dresses now available to buy “off the peg” at reduced prices.

Some of our beautiful prom dresses are now on SALE!  Our shop is at Robin Hood Island in Birmingham.

As we get closer to Prom time and all our special orders have been sent, many of our stock or ‘trying on’ dresses are available for sale.  They are sold “off the peg” & ready to take away at a reduced price.  Our Prom dresses are in great condition, although sometimes they may have a few loose beads or need minor repairs.  The reduced price is because they may not be as perfect as brand new.  They have only been used for trying on.

If they are a little too big or too long, we can give you contact details for seamstresses who provide tailoring services.

Please be aware that Prom Sale stock changes all the time.  Not ALL of our dresses are on sale and not all of our dresses will be available for your school.

It’s best to visit to see & try on sale dresses that are available for your school and to discuss individual requirements.

Book your appointment on 0121 733 7309

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