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We have a stunning collection of prom dresses, from some of the best designers around, we’ve had some fabulous feedback from our customers who assure us we have the best Prom selection in the area!!  #FeelingSpesh #ShopGoals

Taking inspiration from catwalks & red carpets from around the world, our prom dresses will make you feel fashionable, stylish and fun.  Choosing your prom dress is exciting & should be special, it’s definitely not a time for gambling your money on a poorly made copy from the internet, and then panicking the week before prom because all the best dresses have been sold.

Our style advisers will help you find the perfect dress for your prom whether you’re looking for a dramatic long prom dress or a princess ballgown, you’ll look stunning and feel confident in your perfectly fitted dress.

We keep a register of each dress sold to each prom, we don’t even sell the same dress in a different colour to the same prom!

Prom appointments are available after school, or Saturdays & Sundays & you must have an adult with you if you wish to try on.